The Cutest Matcha Spot in San Diego

I recently went on a day trip to North Park, San Diego, and had my first experience with matcha! I fell in love with Holy Matcha and just had to post about it.

First off…. any restaurant that has a neon sign is automatically appealing to me, so I knew from the get-go that I was going to love this place. The style and decor here are simply perfect. The staff is friendly and helpful, and our barista didn’t even judge me when I told her I ate the flower that came on top of my drink

Isn’t this color scheme to die for??? I am still thinking about it almost a week later.

I got a coconut matcha infused with CBD oil and it was very creamy/rich but the flavor was certainly nice and the effect of the CBD was pleasant and relaxing. 10/10 would recommend getting a CBD-infused drink!

(^ you know a restaurant is really dedicated to its aesthetic when the bathroom looks like this!)

All in all, Holy Matcha made for a fantastic place to catch up with my bestie, drink a yummy drink, enjoy some CBD, and feel creatively inspired! If you’re in the North Park area, definitely check it out!

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