Simple ways to pull yourself out of a bad mindset.

Preface: I know I promised the Thailand/honeymoon recap in my last blog post…. and I fully intend to write that this week. However, I woke up feeling a little down in the dumps today, and I know getting these feelings out of my head and into words will be therapeutic for me. So this takes priority. Since I am currently using these methods to pull … Continue reading Simple ways to pull yourself out of a bad mindset.

2019 was an amazing year!

Hey, it’s ya girl, Lauren. Apologies for neglecting this blog for months on months. Honestly, I haven’t felt the inspiration. I lost touch with a lot of my hobbies, but what better time to revisit them than quarantine?? Let me preface this post by addressing the obvious topic- COVID-19. The state of our world, and particularly our country, is almost unbelievable. Just 3 weeks ago … Continue reading 2019 was an amazing year!

Winter Wonderland in Big Bear!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know I’m a sucker for a good weekend getaway. And what better place to escape to than the polar opposite of what I have everyday in Orange County- a winter wonderland in Big Bear! I booked an incredible Airbnb near Big Bear Lake. Here’s a link to the property. Kevin was a fantastic host, communicating everything we … Continue reading Winter Wonderland in Big Bear!

That Feeling That Never Goes Away..

Only those who’ve experienced suicidal thoughts will understand. Perhaps you’re like me. You’ve been on the “upswing” for quite awhile now. Things in your life seem to be going well. Your future excites you. Life is looking good. And then it will strike you out of nowhere. That feeling that never goes away. It always lurks in the corners of your mind. Everyone is different. … Continue reading That Feeling That Never Goes Away..

Lessons Learned & Bridges Burned.

Friendships end. Relationships crash and burn. These are two timeless truths of life. Growing up, I always focused on my own pain and anger when I would lose someone close to me- whether it be from an argument, time taking it’s toll, distance or simply not being right for each other- I never tried to see my own wrongdoings or the positive insight you can … Continue reading Lessons Learned & Bridges Burned.

Lessons from Last Week: Week 2.

Welp… I wanted to do a weekly blogging series, and here I am on post #2 in said series…. nearly a month after post #1. Whoops. What can I say, I am not always the most reliable with posting content. Anyways… let’s dive right into it. Lesson #1: Not everything is worth the argument.  Lately, I have been so irritated. I think the stress caused … Continue reading Lessons from Last Week: Week 2.