How Can I Use My Privilege

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted……. Hi, how are ya? Sorry for disappearing again.

Yesterday marked a huge moment in our country. The 2018 Midterm Elections. To be completely honest, prior to this race, I had never cared about an election other than a Presidential one. But since the 2016 Presidential race where I became deeply invested in the Bernie Sanders campaign, I have realized how important it is for people like me to use the privilege we were born with to impact our society for the betterment of all people.

As the results of the midterm elections keep coming in, it is apparent that the reason many states did not experience a blue wave (despite having incredible candidates that inspired many and really had Republicans nervous), is voter suppression at the hands of powerful, privileged politicians that people with my background have chosen to support.

So, my question to my readers is this – what specific actions can I, as a white woman who has been blessed with many advantages in life, do to impact other white men/women with the same background but who are supporting a detrimental and racist political agenda?

Some backstory – I was born in Florida, and raised in Georgia. The South is all I know. My family is middle class, never fearing for our stability. We played sports and went on family vacations, my parents never split up. We went to church every single week, I went to a Christian school for 3 years. My entire family is Republican. Naturally, I thought I was Republican too. I even remember in my teen years thinking gay people were a disgrace to God. That’s what the environment I grew up in led me to think.

Flash forward – I left Christian school, started to think independently, and formed my own opinions. I went to college and moved out of the house. I got out of suburbia and started meeting people with differing backgrounds, talking about uncomfortable topics that helped me learn and grow. But talk is cheap. How can I impact others who fall into my demographic to realize that the politicians they’re raised to believe in oftentimes support an agenda that further marginalizes minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community?

I backed the Sanders campaign, attending multiple rallies and vigorously posting/spreading his message. I have marched in multiple protests – The Women’s March, March For Our Lives, etc. I research candidates and make sure to vote. I’m constantly sharing articles and trying to start those tough conversations or at the very least share something that gets another person thinking. But this all seems like it isn’t having an impact, and I know for a fact there is more I can do. I’m just not completely sure where to start.

Sound off in the comments please – I appreciate any and all input!

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