Lessons from Last Week: Week 2

Welp… I wanted to do a weekly blogging series, and here I am on post #2 in said series…. nearly a month after post #1. Whoops. What can I say, I am not always the most reliable with posting content.

Anyways… let’s dive right into it.

Lesson #1: Not everything is worth the argument. 

Lately, I have been so irritated. I think the stress caused by my homesickness, planning a wedding, and chaos at work have all combined to create a very overwhelming situation. And while I have every right to be stressed and emotional due to this, I need to make sure that I only express that when it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes, it’s more important to make sure you have a good day than to bring up everything that upsets you.

Lesson #2: Accepting that you can only do the best you can will take such a huge burden off of you. 

I am always stressed at work. It’s been insanely busy lately. I feel a lot of pressure to get everything done at lightning speed. However, there is only so much that one person can handle. I often think that I am behind, when in fact, I am doing the most I physically can. I cannot put unrealistic expectations on myself. Once I forced myself into the mindset of “I am doing the best that I can as quickly as I can, and that is all that I can do” I became totally at peace with the high-pressure work environment I am in. At the end of the day, I can rest assured that no matter what anyone else thinks, I give it 100% every day and I can’t expect more than that.

Lesson #3: Instead of masking feelings with anger, it’s best to talk about them, no matter how embarrassed you feel. 

I’ll spare you the details… but I was very hurt and insecure about something that happened this past week. My instinctual reaction was to defend myself by putting up my walls, acting coldly, and being angry. But that would’ve caused more confusion for the other person involved. I needed to be honest about my insecurity, despite how embarrassing it was for me and how much I wanted to avoid the reality of the situation. I expressed my true feelings (in a pitch-dark room to avoid further shame, naturally) and it benefited the situation immensely. We talked things through openly and honestly and were able to communicate effectively. This led to the situation resolving itself rather quickly. But if I had gone with my natural reaction to protect myself emotionally using anger, things would’ve just gotten worse.

So there you have it.. my lessons from last week. Another lesson- wine is always a good thing. Speaking of, I am running a bath and have a bottle left to finish…

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