My fiance and I have been arguing almost daily for the last month or so.

He wants us to continue living in California because he likes the environment, has a great job, and has some family out here.

I want us to move back East to be closer to family and friends.

We’ve tried talking about it but it always ends in an argument. We cannot agree.

He has valid points and so do I. We’ve tried to compromise, but all we’ve come up with is moving back East in a few years. But I don’t know how I can wait a few years (2.5 is what we’ve been discussing so 2021) when I am homesick nearly every day.

I’m torn every day between trying to bring it up to get to a resolution and to express my feelings or trying to suppress it in an effort to stop fighting. He is tired of the fighting, but I feel as if he just wants to sweep my side of things under the rug and pretend everything will just get better if we just ignore it.

I am so heartbroken by all of this. I just want us to be a happy and healthy couple, but that feels so far out of reach at this point.

What do you do when you simply cannot agree with your significant other on a major decision? 

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