Abandoned Waterpark in the Desert Near Vegas

We went to Vegas this weekend and the drive home was certainly the unexpected highlight. I had noticed a cool graffitied area on my last Vegas adventure but hadn’t stopped because I was alone. But this time, we decided to check it out and boy am I glad we did.

This turned out to be an abandoned waterpark. It shut down around 2004 when an employee was seriously injured in an after-hours accident that resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The remnants of this park were almost unrecognizable. There were a handful of buildings dispersed across what had to be 5 acres of land. The actual water slides are long gone, and much of the park is in complete ruin. Graffiti is everywhere and it’s vividly beautiful. The shambles of a colorful past are evident around every corner.

We spent about an hour here. There doesn’t appear to be anything saying you cannot enter, and there is clear easy access. During our time there, we saw 3 people.

If you’re heading to or from Las Vegas, I would highly recommend stopping here! The former name of this park was Rock a Hoola, check it out!

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