Bring on 2019

I am still trying to grasp the fact that 2018 is over and a new year has begun. It is stressful, exciting and inspiring. I learned so much in 2018 and have high hopes for 2019.

(This year is off to a great start, clearly- double-fisting holiday coffees).

I believe writing some lists at the start of a new year can help set your path for the 365 (or, in this case, 359 days since I’m a bit late). So here it goes!


  • Wake up earlier (ideally, around 6 a.m. on work days)
  • Get serious about exercising (going for runs, hitting the gym)
  • Experiment more in the kitchen & work towards enjoying cooking
  • Write a little blurb every day
  • Express affection more frequently
  • Make it a point to have meaningful conversations with friends every week
  • Call my family members more
  • Take Jack on more walks
  • Keep painting, even when it doesn’t turn out perfectly
  • See more sunsets
  • Travel more, even if they’re just weekend getaways


  • Health
  • Self-love
  • Deepening relationships


  • My ability to handle stress
  • Drinking more water
  • Having a consistent exercise routine
  • Accountability

Hopefully, 2019 will bring many good things, positive lessons & experiences as AMAZING  as the coffee I had earlier today.

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