Whiting Ranch Wilderness Preserve

This Labor Day, we went on a 2-day mountain camping getaway in the San Bernadino National Forest (camping/dining review coming later this week) and we ended our trip with a stop in Lake Forest. Yes, you read that right- the beautiful location of these photos is in LAKE FOREST.

To get here, simply look up Whiting Ranch Wilderness Preserve! You can pay $3 to park next to the Ralph’s (which is nice- make sure you load up on water, Gatorade, and snacks, because this hike is long), which is where the trailhead is located.

This hike was misery for us because we stupidly decided to go at 1 pm in AUGUST  Perhaps an early morning or winter day would make the walk more enjoyable.

PROS TO THIS HIKE: cheap and easy to find parking, pretty flat in elevation, lots of shady spots to take breaks along the way.

CONS OF THIS HIKE: it is hotter than Hades ballsack in the summer. 0/10 would not recommend doing that.

This place gives a whole new meaning to Orange County. I had no idea views like this were right in my backyard.

Prepare for about 2 hours of hiking (there and back). The canyon itself is fairly small but is beautiful in cover and reminds me of Zion.

I didn’t venture to the top of the canyon, but my fiancé did and snapped some epic photos!

We spent some time soaking up the desert beauty, then hiked back! Crazy to think that this journey started and ended in Ralph’s parking lot.

To check out this spot- look up Red Rock Canyon in Lake Forest, CA. Also Whiting Ranch!

Happy adventuring!

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