A Day in Historic Downtown San Juan Capistrano

Today we ventured over to the beautiful Historic Downtown San Juan Capistrano for the first time and boy, it did not disappoint.


First stop: Hennessey’s.

We decided it’d be best to start our day with a drink (a nice Amber on draft for me and an Old Fashioned for Austin). It was so calm and breezy on the patio, it was perfect.

Next, we headed to Zoo Mars Petting Zoo. I could blab on and on about this place.

I applied for a job there when I first moved to California, and while it did not work out, the owner Carolyn is fantastic and this place rocks.

I mean, having a nice little beer buzz & holding guinea pigs- what more could you ask for?

You pay your entrance fee + about $3 for munchies for the animals- then you can enjoy feeding an emu, pigs, llamas, goats & guinea pigs until your heart’s content.

After the petting zoo- we headed to the historic Mission in the heart of downtown.


We spent the remainder of our afternoon strolling through the crumbling and gorgeous 300 year old architecture, beautiful fountains/ponds filled with lilies, and flowers.

I would highly recommend visiting this gorgeous little downtown areas. I will probably go back again soon- there are so many cute little stores and restaurants to try out!

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