A Beautiful Saturday at Crystal Cove


This has been one of the most rejuvenating, peaceful weekends I’ve had in a long time. On Saturday, we finally visited a beach we had been passing by on the PCH for months- and boy, was it worth it!

I’m still not entirely clear what this beach’s name is- Crystal Cove? It’s in northern Laguna. Anyway- it’s gorgeous. We used our state park pass (one of the best investments you could possibly make, btw). The parking situation was really good for the Laguna area, and after making a quick walk underneath the PCH, we were at a lowly populated, beautiful beach. The PCH glides effortlessly over the hill passing by the beach, and the cliffs outlining the edges of this slice of Pacific Coast heaven were astonishing.

There was a large lifeguard station and bathroom facility, including a lifeguard truck patrolling the beach, but that was no problem for us- I was still able to enjoy my favorite beachside (and everywhere, for that matter) treat- a Miller High Life.


The ‘Champagne of Beers’ slogan is way too accurate, by the way.

Saturday was a perfect day to be laying around on the beach, cuddled up, half asleep. We laid out our blanket and soaked up the cool, semi-clouded atmosphere.

So yeah… still unsure exactly what beach this is (I apologize). But 10/10 would recommend checking this spot out!


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