5 Positive Mental Health Habits to Adopt

We are almost 4 months into 2019 (come through ARIES SEASON, my fiery self is ready to shine) and I have been slowly working towards my biggest goal of this year: to be more in control. Let me start off by saying this- I do not define being “in control” as having it together 24/7. Being “in control” doesn’t mean everything is rainbows and butterflies … Continue reading 5 Positive Mental Health Habits to Adopt

Lessons from Last Week: Week 2.

Welp… I wanted to do a weekly blogging series, and here I am on post #2 in said series…. nearly a month after post #1. Whoops. What can I say, I am not always the most reliable with posting content. Anyways… let’s dive right into it. Lesson #1: Not everything is worth the argument.  Lately, I have been so irritated. I think the stress caused … Continue reading Lessons from Last Week: Week 2.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written and I am randomly feeling inspired this morning. I just wanted to reach out to any of my followers or readers who may be feeling hopeless or bleak. Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 and this weighs heavy on my heart. I lost my grandfather to suicide, and depression runs rampant among my family. I personally … Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day 2018.

The trouble with overthinking.

Today was a pretty great day. My department had our first team bonding outing, we went boating on the beautiful Pacific Ocean along the California coast. We sipped wine, lounged on a yacht and had a delicious lunch. Although I have found my job to be stressful and overwhelming at times, I felt happy and at ease today. When I got home, the overthinking began. … Continue reading The trouble with overthinking.

It really is the little things.

Earlier this week- Monday morning, to be exact- I came to a pivotal realization. I’ve been struggling with how others treat me, and I’ve allowed myself to be consumed emotionally by situations that are completely out of my control. I woke up Monday morning at 3:45 a.m. and was unable to fall back to sleep due to crippling stress and what ultimately turned into a … Continue reading It really is the little things.

RIP Chester Bennington.

I was shocked when the headlines started taking over my social media timelines. I literally didn’t believe it. The lead singer of Linkin Park, a truly transformative and iconic band from my childhood, had committed suicide. How could someone so successful and incredibly talented take their own life? Depression and anxiety do not discriminate. Even those who seem to have it all are capable of … Continue reading RIP Chester Bennington.