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Favorite Beaches in Orange County, CA!

I can’t believe I have lived in Orange County for a year and a half without making a guide to the incredible beaches here at our disposal. I mean, most of my weekends consist of beach trips, and I am blessed to live within walking distance to Doheny State Beach. I wanted to keep this post within a realistic geographical region to where you could … Continue reading Favorite Beaches in Orange County, CA!

Today is my 1 year blogging anniversary!

Happy 1 year of putting my feelings into words! This has been deeply therapeutic for me, I love being able to release my stress, fear, and emotions into this blog. It pushes me to be creative, to really get in touch with myself mentally- and it has been a huge blessing for me. I started this blog when I was feeling extremely alone, and it … Continue reading Today is my 1 year blogging anniversary!

Embracing life’s little disasters.

You know those mornings where you’re exhausted and somehow the world knows that and decides to take a giant crap on your routine? Yeah. Imagine running late to work and dropping deep pink lipstick on your white pants. In the grand scheme of things, that’s totally trivial. But in the moment, on that day, it was disastrous. I panicked and came home to change. And … Continue reading Embracing life’s little disasters.