Simple Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Bad Mindset

Preface: I know I promised the Thailand/honeymoon recap in my last blog post…. and I fully intend to write that this week. However, I woke up feeling a little down in the dumps today, and I know getting these feelings out of my head and into words will be therapeutic for me. So this takes priority.

Since I am currently using these methods to pull myself out of a bad mindset, what better time to write about them?

1. Force yourself to do something that’ll make you feel better, no matter how small it is.

Today, I woke up feeling my depression rearing it’s ugly head. When this happens, I typically have two choices- to let it take hold of me, or immediately take action to try to curve that feeling. I didn’t want to allow myself to wallow in sadness, so I decided to catch up on my favorite show- 90 Day Fiance. I had missed last night’s episode, so I watched it while drinking my morning coffee. Such a simple thing to do, and it really wasn’t very important when you just consider the action itself- but the purpose behind doing this was SO important for me. It brought my happiness and kick-started my path to a brighter day.

2. Put on a positive music playlist.

I admit to having an obscene amount of playlists- I have over 130 on Spotify. It’s actually kind of crazy. But music is a crucial part of my life, and has so much influence on how I feel.

I specialize in creating playlists to fit moods. I have so many- largely sad playlists. I am a SUCKER for sad songs that I can relate to. When I feel alone and emotional, I always turn to music for comfort.

Today, it would’ve been insanely easy to turn on one of my 30+ sad playlists and sink into my feelings. But I chose my ‘Self Love’ playlist instead, and here I am a few hours later, in much better spirits.

3. Get some fresh air- even if it’s a simple walk around your neighborhood.

Fresh air is so healing for the spirit and mind. Depression can make it feel impossible to get out of bed or leave your house. Everything can seem so daunting and challenging, even the simplest of tasks. Today, I am blessed to be in Florida right on the bay, and will be walking the short distance to the dock. I’m going to sit out there, soak in the fresh breezes, feel the cool water rush over my feet, and appreciate how beautiful our world is.

4. Stay away from things you abuse.

For me, it’s alcohol. I love drinking. Not only do I find it fun to be drunk, but I have used it as an emotional crutch in the past. Rather than address my feelings, I would get wasted to be free of them for a short time. But this is insanely unhealthy, and I hate the person I am when I’m hammered. So, as good as taking shots sounds, today I will not. It won’t do me any good in the mindset that I am currently in.

5. Make a to-do list, even of simple tasks, get stuff done and feel the joy of being “productive”.

I made a to-do list today, and although the only things I’ve gotten done are updating my resume and starting a job application, I feel so much better knowing I am working on things that are beneficial to my life.

And there you have it- 5 simple ways to pull yourself out of a bad mindset. Remember that no matter how powerless your depression can make you feel, you can take teeny tiny steps in the right direction and they just might change your entire outlook for the day!

Stay Positive,


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