South OC’s Best Winery

So, it’s probably no secret that I live in Orange County and like to partake in anything type of adventure that involves booze. You can usually find me toting a 40oz beer in my purse through a park or on a hike. But I have grown super fond of wine lately, and have even made my way to a few wineries. And I have officially found the place for me- A Stones Throw Winery in San Juan Capistrano!

This winery is around 15 minutes from my apartment, making it such a convenient spot. But that’s not why I love it. It stands out from the crowd in so many ways.

First off- we found this place by complete accident. We were actually going to the park next to the winery (Northwest Open Space/Dr Joe Cortes Dog Park) when we realized THERE WAS WINE NEXT DOOR. Obviously, we had to check it out.

The building is gorgeous and has a rustic/cozy feel. There are string lights and tables set up outside on the front lawn as well as beautiful plants and a stone courtyard/fountain. You enter through the front porch and are welcomed into a vintage style home. The bar is small but the bartenders make up for that in personality. Not only are the people friendly, their wines are delicious and made locally.

Personally, my favorite aspect of this place is their back lawn. They are apparently working to obtain their license for guests to drink back there. The flowers are currently in full bloom and the orange trees lining the back of the lawn are fruitful.

(The picture above was taken just hours before my fiancé proposed last April!)

Once you’ve had your fill of wine, take a stroll through the park next door (you know, the reason we initially went there). This time of year, especially with all the rain we have had, the flowers are breathtaking. Enjoy a few shots below.

Seriously, I can’t believe this park isn’t being talked about more. It’s easily the biggest bloom in Orange County.

Anyway- if you’re an OC native looking for a Sunday Funday located right in your backyard, check A Stones Throw Winery and it’s surrounding trails out! You will not be disappointed!


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