LM5 Album Review

lm5 2Little Mix. The most overworked and underrated band of our generation. Icons of self-love, female empowerment, and friendship, Little Mix have taken the world (minus the US because FUCK SYCO but I digress) by storm. They’ve put out bop after bop on their first 4 albums, and this past Friday they dropped the highly anticipated LM5. After hearing singles like Woman Like Me, Joan of Arc, and Told You So…. I knew this album was going to rock my world. Let’s dive right into it.

  1. The National Manthem
    • 30 seconds of angelic voices. Literally so soothing. This song made me wish they could sing me to sleep every night is that weird?
  2. Woman Like Me (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    • Definitely in my top 3 from the entire album. Love the message and their vocals are so solid on this one. Plus, it’s so cute that after years and years they finally got to work with their queen Nicki. The combination SLAYED.
  3. Think About Us
    • This song has me all the way in my feels about shit I haven’t even experienced. Like I literally just want to get dressed up, hit up a club with my girls, request this song and dance my damn heart out. The rhythm is amazing.
  4. Strip (ft. Sharaya J) 
    • FUCKING OBSESSED WITH THIS ONE. The music video is so empowering, genuine, fun and spreads such a necessary message. I will be singing this for the rest of eternity.
  5. Monster in Me
    • The monster in me loves the monster in you ❤ Again, I’m up in my feels. This song reminds me of a past relationship, so toxic but so addictive. Can anybody relate? Seems like Little Mix understands me.
  6. Joan of Arc
    • The theme of female empowerment oozes out of this album and I’m here for it. These girls have worked so hard in an industry that is so clearly critical and hypersensitive of anything women do. They’ve been repeatedly pushed down and aside, their success hindered by labels, radio…. don’t even get me on my soapbox about this topic.
  7. Love A Girl Right
    • I love how protective these girls are over each other, it’s the cutest! I love the beat of this song, Perrie’s vocals in particular are stunning, and it’s just such a fun tune that will have you jamming out to it subconsciously.
  8. American Boy
    • Oooooh la la, my American boy ❤ Though this is one of my less favorite songs on this album (honestly, that’s as much of an “insult” as you’re going to see in this review because I truly believe this is one of the best pop albums released in 2018), it’s still so catchy and their vocals are incredible as usual. It’s just not my fav (which is fine, I already have like 8 favorites).
  9. Told You So
    • This song had me in TEARS the first time I listened to it. It reminds me of some real SHIT that I went through a few years ago, it was so apparent to my two best friends that I was messing around with a total douche/dumbass, but they loved me through it until I finally saw the light. Again, the bond these girls have shows strongly through this melodic, light and beautiful tune.
  10. Wasabi
    • THIS SONG RUINED ME IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS. The LYRICS. The BEAT. The VIBE. The MESSAGE. I don’t even know if I can put into words how much I love this song. Top 3 from the album for sure.
  11. More Than Words (ft. Kamille)
    • I still haven’t listened to this one enough to truly critique it (maybe only 3-4 listens so far) but I’m not that into it at this point. Although, their vocals in the chorus are so bomb I have chills right now so I presume my opinion on this one is going to evolve as I add this more heavily to my rotation. It’s a what I like to call a “creeper”- a song that you’re initially turned off by but after a random amount of listens it hits you that you love it.
  12. Motivate
    • So sorry to be graphic here, but I’m taking my man to BED with this song playing. I love it. Their harmonizing, the CHORUS, the beat. Ugh.
  13. Notice
    • I love this one. I think it’s a topic that isn’t sung about too often and I love that. I’d also like to point out that the raspy, old school vibe of this song and their harmonizing in the background during the chorus are incredible musical elements and I love how detailed all their songs are. It blows me away that so many people listen to thoughtless, uninspired “fuck bitches get money” CRAP when Little Mix exists. Wow, I just got myself all worked up just writing that out. Anyway.
  14. The Cure
    • One of my favs on the album, but the stripped version! I just love the message of this one and it made me feel so good listening to it. As someone that’s been quite the train wreck in recent years, I feel a strong connection to this song.
  15. Forget You Not
    • One of my lesser favorites from this album, but I respect the artistry of this song. And the beat is lit.
  16. Woman’s World
    • Definitely in my top 3 favorites. This message is on POIIIIINT. I love that Little Mix never shy’s away from talking about important topics in their music and works to empower their fan base.
  17. The Cure (stripped)
    • Such a beautiful and raw song. Like I already said, this song means a lot to me.
  18. Only You
    • Loved this song ever since Cheat Codes dropped it. I think it’s such a good combination of artists and had the potential to be HUGE but don’t get me started.

If I had to narrow this down to my Top 5 songs:

  1. Woman Like Me
  2. Wasabi
  3. Woman’s World
  4. Motivate
  5. The Cure (stripped)

If you aren’t already listening to this incredibly powerful, hardworking girl band, STOP SLEEPING ON THEM. Check out LM5, available on all platforms! ❤

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