Sweetener Album Review

arianaThis is going to be short and sweet(ner). Let’s dive right in.

  1. raindrops (an angel cried): MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY IN LESS THAN 40 SECONDS… OFF TO A SOLID START.
  2. blazed: a certified bop, definitely one of my top 3 favorite songs off the album. it’s such a jazzy and fun song.
  3. the light is coming: weird af. honestly not sure about this one but i catch myself singing it every time regardless so take that as you will.
  4. R.E.M: also definitely in my top 3 favorites from sweetener. i could go on and on about this song.
  5. God is a woman: OBVIOUSLY THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING TO ME. Her live performance of it made it that much more amazing.
  6. sweetener: pretty good but one of my lesser-favorite songs. but lets be real i like the whole album.
  7. successful: started off hating this song and now i love it.
  8. everytime: another one of my lesser favorites.
  9. breathin: 10/10. love the song, dramatic flair & message.
  10. no tears left to cry: another undeniable bop.
  11. borderline: catchy but not really my thing.
  12. better off: so so so good and relaxing i love it.
  13. goodnight n go: there are so many albums where a song like this gets me. first few times i heard this track, it wasn’t that awesome to me. maybe i wasn’t paying that good of attention because about my 4th listen i FELL IN LOVE. and now it’s in my top 3 favorites.
  14. pete davidson: super cute and romantic. i love them together so naturally i love this song. also super ballsy and adorable that she literally named the song his entire name. love her for that.
  15. get well soon: also not really my thing.

So there you have it. I would give this album a 8.9/10. Honestly, Ari is a queen and her voice is undeniably gorgeous, so every track she touches is incredible.

P.S. sorry this post does not really flow with the theme of my blog. I was just feelin’ it ok?

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