Embracing Life’s Little Disasters

You know those mornings where you’re exhausted and somehow the world knows that and decides to take a giant crap on your routine? Yeah. Imagine running late to work and dropping deep pink lipstick on your white pants. In the grand scheme of things, that’s totally trivial. But in the moment, on that day, it was disastrous. I panicked and came home to change. And then, after I was monumentally late, my coffee mug fell out of my cup holder onto the driver’s seat while I was flying down the highway. So guess who rolled into the office with a completely soaked ass?

Me. And as it was happening, it was totally controlling my mood and outlook… not in a positive way.

But did it actually matter? Of course not. My ass dried (very crunchily, by the way… apparently jeans and coffee do not mix very well?), I bleached the shit out of my white pants and the lipstick came out, and life went on.

My point to this is- just a few short hours later, I was replaying the scenario in my head and it was hysterical. You can’t make this shit up sometimes. Life is just chaotic and funny, and we have to see it as just that. Looking for the humor in life’s little “disasters” is something I am trying to implement and practice in my life, and that I truly believe would benefit so many people.

Also side note…. I wrote this blog post BEFORE WORK. Does anybody understand how huge of a deal that is for me??? I woke up at 5:30am and WENT FOR A RUN before spending time with my dog, making breakfast, and writing a blog post. ALL BEFORE WORK. 2018 really is the year of transformation for me.



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