My Favorite Things

Ahhh. The basic ass ‘favorite things’ blog post. You know you’re really having writers block when this becomes the subject of your post. But this week has been pretty busy and I’m mentally tired. Plus, I don’t have any outdoorsy content I’m dying to post.

Side note: I’m purchasing my own camera in a few weeks, and I’m between a Canon T6i and Sony A6300- if you’re reading this and have an opinion, please leave it in the comments!

Anyway, back to favorites. Let’s just dive right in to this damn thing:

Movie– The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You, and any of the Hobbit films (sorry I couldn’t just pick one!!)

T.V. Show– Breaking Bad

Book– The Island of the Blue Dolphins

Color– Blue (specifically aqua)

Actor– Heath Ledger

Actress– Anne Hathaway

Hero– Batman

Villain– Joker (obviously!)

Fruit– Banana

Meal– a huge burrito, Mexican rice, chips + salsa, and a cold draft Miller Lite

Beer– Miller Lite or any coffee stout

Liquor– Whiskey over everything

Band– 2am Club (they’re broken up now but that’s NOT THE POINT OK)

Male musician– Marc E Bassy (the former lead singer of 2am Club)

Female musician– Kehlani

Ice cream– coffee or double chocolate chunk

Candy– Sour Patch Kids

Favorite website– equally Instagram and Twitter. Instagram because I find it to be a creative outlet and Twitter because everything on there is fucking hilarious.

Sport– soccer

School subject– History and English (writing really)

Alright so there you have it. I’m already thinking about doing a less PG version of favorites at some point. Leave me a comment if that is of any level of interest to you.


I promise to have an adventure-related post ASAP. But for now…… I’m going to go be a sleepy vegetable.


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