Realizations You Come to When You’re Sick

Yet again… I apologize for the fact that I have been M.I.A. on here. To be completely honest, I’ve been an exhausted, stressed out mess for the last week and a half.

I had two important presentations that I had to give in front of my bosses, and I spent days writing, editing, and practicing them. I practiced them so much that my throat started to get sore and scratchy, but I just thought that was from talking too much.

The next day, I was sick. I hadn’t been this sick in a long time, at least a year. My head felt like a bowling ball- extremely heavy and full, I was lightheaded, tired, drained… and it was mid-work week. After struggling my way to the weekend, I experienced peak sickness. Saturday was so rough. I used an entire roll of toilet paper as tissues to blow my nose with. My eyes watered at the slightest brightness/light, and my nose was running like a river. I was so frustrated- after such a long and difficult week, I was miserable on the weekend. I had barely been able to sleep the past 3 days, and I could feel a meltdown coming on.

First thing I realized because of being sick was how blessed I am to have my boyfriend. He made me soup and grilled cheese, and didn’t complain once about staying in the night of St. Patrick’s Day- we had a fire in our backyard, sipped on some wine, and watched t.v. together. He didn’t judge me even when I had tissues shoved up each nostril to block the immense flow of snot (disgusting, I’m well aware) from running down my face. He hung out with me, which made the time go by much faster, and brought a smile to my face countless times despite feeling like absolute garbage.

Saturday night ended with me knocking back a large dose of Nyquil and finally getting some much needed rest. I slept like a rock. Sunday morning, I woke up and was nervous to get out of bed, thinking all the symptoms would come rushing back. But it was quite the opposite- my nose had dried up, and the fullness in my head had gone down to a manageable level.

That brings me to the second thing I realized due to being under the weather- how important the little things are. Just being able to breathe clearly and go about my day normally was such a blessing now, and for the remainder of the day, I kept noticing the little moments that made me happy. Being sick takes a lot out of you, and it really made me value and appreciate the good things I have.

While I’m 1000000% glad that the sickness has (mostly) past, it certainly made me remember just how fortunate and blessed I am.

(Here’s a picture that is irrelevant to the post but it’s for the blog aesthetic ok?? He is one of my biggest blessings so I guess it does go with the post…)


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