New Beginnings

Writer; Advocate

New Beginning—

• A twelve letter phrase indicating the start of living differently, by choice or involuntarily, and hopefully for the better •

A sentence rolls off of his heavily accented tongue and just like that my world is changed. No more after-care pick ups or swim lesson monitoring. The end of everlasting rounds of Monopoly, first grade math homework assisting and playground shenanigans. This chapter in my life concludes as I say goodbye to the boys who taught me waymore than vague Russian words and the trick to solving a Rubik’s cube. Through them I learned true responsibility and unconditional love. Though it hurts to hand in my crumb-filled car seat and worn out key, I accept that jobs can’t last forever. I hug my babies, proud of how much they’ve grown, and blessed to have witnessed that growth. My hesitant footsteps guide me to the door, as…

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