RIP Chester Bennington

I was shocked when the headlines started taking over my social media timelines. I literally didn’t believe it. The lead singer of Linkin Park, a truly transformative and iconic band from my childhood, had committed suicide. How could someone so successful and incredibly talented take their own life?


Depression and anxiety do not discriminate. Even those who seem to have it all are capable of falling victim to their own mental demons. Even the most influential among us can feel alone, isolated, and desperate.

Chester Bennington’s death reminded me that we have so much further to go regarding eliminating the stigma surrounding suicidal thoughts and mental illness. Even though I struggle with what I can only assume are similar thoughts, I have the most incredible support system surrounding me and pushing me to live another day, to see another sunrise. But not everyone is that blessed, and not everyone feels like they have someone they confide in. If you’re reading this and that’s you, let me be your person. Let us build each other up.

There IS hope. There is HELP. You just have to reach out towards it.

RIP Chris Bennington, you are already missed.

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